Current Projects and Skills


  • Massachusetts Life Care Residents Association (MLCRA)
    I am the webmaster for this site, administrator for MLCRA’s digital archive, and the administrator for the MLCRA’s Constant Contact outreach.
  • Image processing text book coauthored with Kurt Bryan at Rose-Hulman
    The text is targeted for upper division and first year graduate STEM students. This is the second edition and is used world wide.
    Discrete Fourier Analysis and Wavelets
Links to projects I manage (or help manage)
  • Surface Automorphism Interest Group (AutoSurf)
    Intended for mathematicians interested in participating in U.S. based conferences on automorphisms of Riemann surfaces/algebraic curves and related topics
    Website: AutoSurf
  • Tilings of Surfaces
    Publications site for work with undergraduate research
    Website: Tilings of Surfaces

Technical and administrative skills for consulting


College and Ph.D. level knowledge of a wide variety of mathematics, through teaching and research. This includes.

  • Calculus and Differential Equations
  • Probability, some statistics
  • Geometry and Linear Algebra
  • Digital signal and image processing
  • Mathematical modeling
  • In teaching and research I have made extensive use of Maple, Matlab, Python, Magma, Moodle and WebWork.
Computer skills
  • Computer algebra and scientific computing systems: Maple, Matlab, Magma, R
  • Scientific programming: C, Python, some parallel programming in C
  • Scientific Documents and Web: LaTeX, HTML, PHP
  • Productivity software: Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and Constant Contact email
  • Extensive data analysis and presentation using Excel
Administrative and support skills
  • 20 years experience managing a department of 20-25 individuals
  • Extensive experience in communication, data organization and analysis, and budgeting for a department and a not-for-profit (using Constant Contact, Google Workspace, and Moodle)
  • Developing and managing websites using both basic tools and webhosting services. (Wix, WordPress)