The Doctor is in

I am a retired mathematics professor,  seeking to apply my knowledge of mathematics, computing skills, and administrative experience to help others as a consultant. I am still active in mathematics — including text writing — and an avid computer user. My biography, current projects and relevant skills, education, college teaching, and mathematics research experiences, and how to get in touch with me are in the paragraph and links below.

About S. Allen Broughton

I am a Professor Emeritus of Mathematics, Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology, a highly regarded STEM school. Though now retired, and a thousand miles away from Rose, I keep up with my colleagues, at Rose- Hulman, across the U.S., and internationally. I have taught lots of courses mostly undergraduate and some graduate.  My research interests  are in the geometry and topology of Riemann surfaces, though since retirement I have focused on text writing in Digital Signal and Imaging Processing.

What I am working on and what I can do

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Where is that photo from?

A picture of the Lester G. Ross dam in Berlin, MA, taken while hiking with Lassie, our collie. The picture is taken from atop the earthen flood control dam across North Brook.